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Community Safety

Lakewood is a pioneer in emergency response, being the first city to contract for county services. Our commitment to safety is evident through innovative initiatives like using helicopters for law enforcement. I strongly support continuing these contracts. However, community safety goes beyond police and firefighters. In my neighborhood, we prioritize unity, but not all residents have that privilege. I propose expanding Neighborhood Watch and CERT programs to ensure preparedness for natural disasters. Let's recruit more residents for CERT Teams and strive for self-sufficiency in emergencies.

Economic Development

Lakewood was one of the first suburbs, built in the 1950s as a planned community with schools, parks, and convenient commercial zoning. Unfortunately, COVID has hurt local businesses, leaving many storefronts empty. We need to update corner retail centers and be proactive in economic development. As a business owner and with my experience as a Chamber of Commerce Board Member, I am uniquely qualified to advocate for local businesses on the City Council. Elect me, and let's maximize the 6% of Lakewood that is zoned for commercial use.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is a top priority for me. Despite having a supportive adoptive family, life was never easy for me. The support and guidance I received through the schools and youth sports programs played a key role in shaping my character.

As a council member, I am committed to encouraging everyone to participate in city events and programs, fostering connections between neighbors and the larger community. Our growing diversity presents opportunities to find common ground and appreciate our differences. I will prioritize community engagement to make Lakewood a better place for all.

Looking Ahead

Lakewood's founding values of building safe neighborhoods, community engagement, and volunteerism have been the pillars that have sustained our community. However, keeping up with the changing times has proven to be a significant challenge. This is why it is crucial to have young, visionary leadership that can meet the needs of both our new families and older residents.


As a parent raising a young family, I have a deep investment in the future of Lakewood. I want nothing more than for my children to grow up in a community where they can enjoy a safe and high-quality life. While maintaining infrastructure like paved streets, sidewalk repairs, and tree trimming will always be important, we also need to look ahead. We must ensure that we have the necessary funding and resources to accommodate the increase in housing density through infrastructure improvements. Additionally, by embracing new technology, we can revolutionize our ability to address the threat of climate change proactively.


On March 5, the 4th District election presents a crucial opportunity for voters to elect a council member with vision, energy, heart, and a personal stake in the game. I humbly request your vote for David Arellano. Rest assured; I will not let you down.

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